Service Settings Missing Options

Hi! I was watching some tutorials of PUN and I noticed that my Photon Service Settings are totally different from the video's ones.

Here's a pic of my settings. As you can see, I can't check the "Auto-Join Lobby" Option because I can't find it.


  • Here's the picture

  • Hi @SebGM2018,

    the Auto-Join Lobby option has been removed in PUN 2, which you currently use (at least I would say so). The tutorial might be done with PUN Classic (the first version) which had this feature.

    If you want to use the lobby in PUN 2, you would have to call PhotonNetwork.JoinLobby() after being connected to the MasterServer. You can take a look at the demos included in the PUN 2 package to see how this works.
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