Tips, do´s and dont for starting making a VR social multiplayer game.

Hello Photon Community!,

I have this project that i have to start and it is something like an ALTSpace VR or RecRoom VR game, i was looking forward to receive some advice on how to start this project.

This "game" is a showroom game, in which users can wonder around, play , talk over PhotonVoice, and interact with each other, they will be able to join in activities like driving trucks together and throwing stuff at each other.

In this game, users can join server hosted lobbies, that would get created when a user request an activity, and destroyed when there are no more users in the activity.

in each lobby, the users can interact with objects that are already in the scene before they joined, also they can customize their avatars and those can be stored in Firebase.

I was thinking this requires a dedicated server in the cloud, and a lot of client code, in my working demo im using the P2P approach, client/host, instead of dedicated server / client

Im an experienced Unity developer but i dont have mucho knowledge about networking, tcp, udp, server side architecture and backend stuff, when i have to do backend stuff i go to Firebase to store information and those kind of jobs.

I was thinking of buying some books to get some insight on the problem, any tip about how to start and what to look into would be appreciated.

I came here because i think photon is a great asset and because Recroom actually works on Photon!.