Questions about CCU and NAT punch through

BOLT is great. I am able to build a multiple VR POC around a week’s time. It is fantastic. However, before I go further on this path. I would love to clarify a couple questions about the pricing first.

1. What contribute to the success/failing rate of NAT punch through? Router? Upnp? Or what? I actually getting 100% fail rate and always rely on relay. I am using a linksys dual band router and then a google wifi. Does this 2 routers setup make pouch fail?

2. Since CCU is one of the main factor on costing, I would like to understand more on when it is counted towards a CCU, especially which method call it will start counting.
2.1 if it will be counted as a CCU, just simply after startserver or startclient is called?
2.2 Or if it is only counted after a client joined a room?
2.3 if a host started a game using loadscene, but no client joined (single player), will it counted into CCU?

Thanks. This questions are critical to my game design. Thanks in advance, appreciated.


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