Too much Echo and Voice Distortion

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When we connect two player one from android and other from android/Desktop too much echo and noise is generating. I tried with changing the mic type to Photon but there is no difference. I am testing with the demo scene which we get from the Photon Voice SDK. I tried using headphones then some what better than Speaker but still echo is there. If I use between two desktops with speakers then its working good but the problem arises when we connect device with android. I have read all the discussions related to echo but it did'nt help me so i am writing in this new discussion.

Thank you in advance.


  • Is it acoustic echo when mic records audio from speakers? Headphones should eliminate audio echo entirely except the case when volume is too high and headphones isolation is very poor. Otherwise, having echo with headphones may mean that the nature of the echo is different.
    Also make sure that speakers of one client are far enough from mic of another. Echo cancellation designed to suppress local echo only.
  • SaiTeja
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    Is it preferable to use headphones instead of going with speakers?
  • First make sure that quality is acceptable when using headphones. This is more simple case. Then try switch to speakers if such usage is supposed.