Bolt Tutorial Error with UdpEndPoint can't be converted to UdpSession


Thought I'd give Bolt a try since now it is available on the store. I was following the Bolt 101 tutorial until I hit a snag with this:


I get an error with this line that UdpKit.UdpEndPoint.Parse() can't be convered to UdpSession. When I try to cycle through the overrides on the .Connect() part I can only see the ones with session and the ones with EndPoint don't appear despite being available in your documentation.

Did I miss something?


  • We're currently updating the docs. Please bare with us.
  • stanchion said:

    We're currently updating the docs. Please bare with us.

    Oh, sorry, didn't know you are doing that, thought it is my end.

    Thanks for letting me know.
  • VallarVallar
    edited September 2018
    stanchion said:
    Thanks for the suggestion but I am sorry to say that link is terrible in explaining anything. It is more about "To do X, write this code" and one can't even understand where that code came from or what does it do. Some of the code even isn't explained how it got used and it isn't part of your name spaces nor mentioned as some script to be created midway. So aside from the main problem (not really good at explaining anything and creating more questions than answers), it still doesn't compile due to perhaps old code that is now deprecated and hasn't been documented properly.

    If you don't mind, I tried using the below code with Connect() and it didn't work (no cube was created for the client, only the server):

    public override void BoltStartDone() { if (BoltNetwork.isServer) BoltNetwork.LoadScene("TUTORIAL_TEST"); else { foreach(var session in BoltNetwork.SessionList) { UdpKit.UdpSession udpSession = session.Value as UdpKit.UdpSession; if (udpSession.Source == UdpKit.UdpSessionSource.Photon) BoltNetwork.Connect(udpSession); } } }

    This is kinda what I could glean from the link you mentioned and continuing on from the original tutorial.
  • I would wait a week until we've updated everything. Keep in mind some part of Bolt are a bit complex and require some advanced C# knowledge.
  • @Vallar We've updated the getting started docs. There are still a few other docs with issues, they'll be resolved soon.
  • @stanchion Thanks for the update, I appreciate it. I'll give it a whirl today :)
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