Send voice to more than 16 users in a room.

Hi probably this was asked before, but searched and didn't found anything.

Is it possible to set up a room with 20 users and have only one send voice and everyone else receive the voice data?

Any help is truly appreciated :)


  • JohnTube
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    Hi @chris27,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    20 is probably too many for Photon Cloud's msg/room/s and traffic limits.
    I don't if there are other consequences.

    You could try and see the dashboard graphs/stats and feel the experience.
    Maybe self-hosted Photon server is an option here.

    my colleague @vadim can help us do the math or give a better answer.
  • Hi @JohnTube @vadim thanks for replying me back.

    I see so it will be difficult for photon cloud, and maybe we would better using photon server. But would self hosted Photon Server and Photon voice work together on an environment where the only device that sends the voice data is a laptop and the rest of the listening devices are android devices connected through wifi?
  • Hi,

    Listening clients number should not affect msg/room/s because only one client sends messages (make sure that listening clients do not transmit anything). So only traffic is an issue. Try to make it as low as possible by decreasing Bitrate setting and increasing FrameDuration to 60 ms that reduces the number of messages by 3 times as compared to default 20ms ( ~17 ms/room/sec vs. 50.) and therefore reduces the total per packet overhead.
    We can assume that 1 audio stream requires 2 x Bitrate bits/sec for transmission. In this case, with Bitrate=10000 outgoing traffic/sec would be ~20*2*10000 bit = 400kbyte/sec or 1.44gb/hour. Both cloud and Photon Server can work with this.
    With voice autodetection enabled real traffic may be less because stream is not transmitted while no one speaks.
    Each client in your case requires only 2 x Bitrate bandwidth since it sends or receives 1 audio stream. Wifi is more than enough.
  • chris27
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    @vadim thank you so much for the info :)

    I'll decrease the bitrate as you suggest.

    Just a couple of questions.

    Listeners will be able to send voice but in certain conditions, such conditions require that only one listener has the voice recorder enabled, most of the time that voice recorder will be disabled. Would be enough disabling the photon voice recorder component on each client? or is there a special method to call to disable voice recorder on the listening clients?
  • Use PhotonVoiceRecorder.Transmit property instead of disabling component. If it's false, the client does not broadcast audio.
    Also you may find useful PhotonVoiceSettings AutoTransmit setting. It controls if transmission is enabled by default on instantiated PhotonVoiceRecorder's.
  • @vadim ohh thanks, guys I trully appreciate your help thank you so much :)