Store team by masterServer

Hi, I have a problem when a plyer join an existing room he can't see the name of the players that were there before, because when I call the rpc to assign the team he wasn't here.

What I should do?


  • Hi Marf, you dont have to, just use and PhotonNetwork.playerName
  • Thanks friuns this helped me, but what I need to do to recognize the player that I want to assign the team in the PlayerList?
  • photonView.RPC(,PhotonTargets.AllBuffered); sends to all players and who joins after
    and you can check cs source code that i sended you how there it done
  • Yeah I now, I use this code:
    player.GetComponent<PhotonView>().RPC("SetTeam", PhotonTargets.AllBuffered, "AlphaTeam");

    for example if someone join the match, but if this RPC was sent before the player join, it can't work.

    Your code is rimilar to mine:

    public void OnPhotonPlayerConnected(PhotonPlayer player)
            if (!PhotonNetwork.isMasterClient) return;
            CallRPC(SetTeam, player, (int)PlType);
        public virtual void SetTeam(int team)
            TeamPath = = (Team)team;

    My RPC is this:

    void SetTeam(string TeamName)
            if (networkView.isMine)
                Debug.Log("SetTeam RPC e TeamName: " + TeamName);
                gameObject.GetComponent<ThirdPersonNetwork>().team = TeamName;

    but it works only for seeing player that haven't joined before me.
  • hm dont get it, remove IsMine
  • I got the same error, I don't know why...
  • Hi guys,

    This should be relatively easy by indeed having every player send a AllBuffered(/OthersBufferd) message as soon as it has picked its team.
    Could you possibly paste the latest code that you are using? as I see you both have made some changes in this thread already.
  • Now I think that the code works, but all players are in AlphaTeam, what I need to do to get it randomly (not random in effect, beacuse I need to find what team the last player joined and then join the opposite).

    I've attached the code in this post: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1239 with the error...