Done with Unet, but I have Bolt questions first.

So I give up on uNet, very frustrating, and they are also depreciating it soon. I have a few questions about Bolt for my 2 player peer to peer game.

1. Is there a free version to test with before the game is released, or do I have to buy the $95 even though my game might be a year out still?
2. Is this just for LAN & WIFI, or can you also connect over the internet?
3. Games can also be 2D board games? I don't think it matters but I'll ask anyway.
4. Lastly, can the players transmit string messages to communicate like text messaging? I only ask because I see there is also a 'Chat' program that Photon sells, didn't know if that was something I had to add if I wanted that ability?



  • 1) We'll have updates on this soon
    2) Bolt is mainly for Photon and Steam services that do punch and relay for you. You can also host dedicated servers instead.
    3. Yes
    4. The PUN Chat is separate. You can add text messaging using Bolt or use a 3rd party chat service.
  • Thanks for the reply! So I am wondering if Bolt is what I need? I have a simple 2 players max game. It is not a 3rd person shooter but more like checkers, where it is not fast paced. Seemed like Bolt peer to peer was the right choice?
  • PUN would probably work just fine instead.
  • We submitted Bolt free to asset store yesterday by the way
  • This is great news! Now I can dig in to the networking again!
  • Hoping to dig in to Bolt free this weekend but it dosen't seem to be on the Asset Store yet. Unity must still be approving this I think?
  • Expect Unity to accept it in about 2 weeks.
  • Gotcha. Thanks!
  • Cool. I should have time this afternoon to start. I am looking at the Bolt 101 docs now but was wondering if there are any tutorial videos as well? Videos are quicker learning for me, while docs are good to look things up when I know it. I found a Youtube video but it covers Photon are Photon and Bolt similar when it comes to joining the game, player movements and so on? Looking forward to learning with Bolt free, thanks!
  • By "Photon" you mean PUN. Bolt and PUN are completely separate besides using the same backend (Photon Realtime).

    We don't currently have any video tutorials, but it would be cool.
  • Gotcha, thanks.
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