Authoratitive Server Plugin

I believe a plugin is required to make the server authoritative? If so, what is the cost of this and/or is it included in any of the Server Licenses (Subscription or One-Off)?


  • >I believe a plugin is required to make the server authoritative?
    yes, this is the easiest way of doing this. Another one is direct server code modification

    in order to get information about prices please send a request to [email protected]

  • KevMTKevMT
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    Thanks for your reply. I had already sent an email to [email protected] but no reply as yet.

    I'd just like to know which Server Licenses the plugin is available to as I know that on Cloud it is only available to the Enterprise Plan.

  • Plugins are available for
    - Photon Server (self-host)
    - Enterprise Cloud
  • Thanks Markus! and just to clarify the Photon Server Unlimited (one-time,60 months) License grants access to the Plugin at no additional cost?
  • Yes.
    Note - that license is for one server/machine!
  • Thanks Markus. Does this mean per server licensed to each game, or “per server” we are running?

    We want to create a Photon server build of our game (and use Photon plugins) but we want to use Amazon servers.
  • For each server (i.e. machine) you use Photon on, you will need to purchase one "seat" or "instance" of that license. Same goes for monthly licenses.
  • Thanks Markus, appreciate your help with this.
  • Hi @Markus Sorry one more question - is it true to say that you can run multiple servers on one machine? If so how does that fit with your pricing definition?
  • Strictly speaking, you need a license per title. So running multiple games on one server would require multiple licenses. If this does not match your business model, please get back at [email protected] with your case.
  • Thanks Markus - sending an email now
  • Hey @Markus , sorry to come back to this question:

    Photon Plugins are available only for Enterprise Cloud or self-hosted Photon Server v4.

    Does this mean the plugins are available on all Self Hosted Server licences or only the Enterprise and One-Time Licence?

  • On Enterprise Cloud and all self-hosted Photon Server licenses.
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