Error CS1501: No overload for method `InitDatagramEncryption' takes `3' arguments

I am working with MFPS and installed both Photon Voice and Photon Unity Network Free. upon installation i am recieving the following error in the console.

Assets/Plugins/PhotonLoadbalancingApi/LoadBalancingClient.cs(2563,48): error CS1501: No overload for method `InitDatagramEncryption' takes `3' arguments

i have tried to add a third argument but each time i add an argument the error returns with 'takes 4 arguments', 'takes 5 arguments', and so on. could you please help with this as its the only error that i currently have in the console. Thanks.

private void SetupEncryption(Dictionary encryptionData)
var mode = (EncryptionMode)(byte)encryptionData[EncryptionDataParameters.Mode];
switch (mode)
case EncryptionMode.PayloadEncryption:
byte[] encryptionSecret = (byte[])encryptionData[EncryptionDataParameters.Secret1];
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