Voice Echo & Distortion

I have been looking photon voice chat examples to integrate in my project but the problem is I am able to connect to other players but unable to listen to other players voice properly as it echo too much and just what i say is also heard in same device. Please help.


  • Hi @saurabh,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What are the Photon Voice and Unity versions you are using?
    And what platform are you building for?

    You could try using Photon type microphone as shown in the "Microphone Selection" section of this documentation page. It could reduce the echo.
  • I am using Unity 2017.3.1f1 and photon chat 1.16
    Still the issue is not resolved after changing the microphone type to photon.
  • Hi @saurabh,

    You did not mention your audio setup and platform. I guess you are using speakers.
    Normally, voice is used with headphones and most likely with headphones' mic. Please check first if such setup works for you. If it does but you use speakers and speakers produce echo then problem is audio going from speakers directly to your microphone. For some platforms, we implemented Photon voice microphone type which exploits platform audio echo cancellation capacities. So it may work or not depending on your platform (cancellation quality may vary also depending on platform).
    Also please check your log for warnings and errors after switching to Photon mic type. Sending us full client log can help to understand what's wrong.