Problem Setting Up Photon Server

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to setup a Photon Server to let it run 24/7 on my AWS EC2 Machine, but I've encountered some prolems, here what I've done so far:

-Download and unzipped the Photon On-Premise in my EC2 Machine with Win Server 2012 Base.
-Started PhotonControl and set the GameServer IP on the public ones that PhotonControl advised me.
-In the Admin Tool of Windows I added two rules inbounds for 5055/5056 UDP Ports and two rules for the same ports outbounds
-Tried to connect to my IP and it's not working. Unity can't connect to the MasterServer

I tried to add wherever there was an IP address the public IP from PhotonControl in "PhotonServer.config" and "Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config" both in GameServer and Master folder.

Can you point me out a good guide where to set up correctly this kind of setup. Or explain me what I've done wrong? Thank You


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