UNET vs PHOTON PUN: 1 to 1(ish) relation

Hi to everyone!
I have been searching for quite a while, on a good doc for a 1 to 1(ish) relation between UNET and PHOTON PUN.
The context is, that I have an asset from the unity asset store, that users UNET multiplayer, and I prefer to switch it to photon.
As I am new to Photon, I have been looking everywhere for a doc that says: in UNET you do this, in photon, you do this, blabla
Similar to what Epic has in the "UE for unity devs" blog page
I've found this so far, which is kind of the first steps:
But in no way a comprehensive doc about this.
Or maybe it is and this are the only things that are different?
Any insight or link or whatever will be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to learn the entire UNET framework just to port to photon. Unless this is strictly the only way to move forward.
Thank you all!