How to add webhooks with a key: CustomHttpHeaders?

in the webpage "Add a Plugin to UNG"
choose webhooks v1.2 (demo)
there is no 'CustomHttpHeaders' key showed.
and no '+' button.

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  • Hello

    I have used it for more than a year and it has worked fine but it has recently (like a week ago) stopped working for me.

    I've put
    CustomHttpHeaders { "foo_bar": "--baz--" }

    and then on our side (php) seen:
    $_SERVER["HTTP_FOO_BAR"] === "--baz--"

    And it has worked fine, but that has recently stopped working.

    $_SERVER["HTTP_FOO_BAR"] is no longer set (and the value "--baz--" is not assigned to any variable). And that is even though we haven't edited CustomHttpHeaders (nor any of the other webhooks.)

    Has there been any changes?
  • finally I choose opt2,
    opt1, I still can't find a key "CustomHttpHeaders"
  • I still can't find a key "CustomHttpHeaders"

    You can check this in the screenshot here:
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