Some newbie questions regarding self hosting

Hey Forum,

I would love if you guys could help me better understand some things regarding self hosting. To be clear I am not a programmer on this project.
We are getting ready to release our 50 player shooter game, which is expected to have around 2-10k CCU at any given time.

We decided to go with Photon OnPremise, self hosting, instead of with Cloud as we needed server authority.
For testing we have been running the master on our own machines so far, but as we move towards large ish scale internal testing so we need to support a fair amount of players.

I am a little bit confused regarding the best self hosting method for us, from what I can tell there are quite a few options, AWS EC2/Azure for cloud hosting, and various options for "bare metal" dedicated servers. I have a decent understanding of the difference between cloud/fully dedicated servers.

Here are some questions:

1. What would be the best hosting option for us, supporting a heavy shooter game, 50 players per instance with high CCU (2-10k)
2. What are the upsides/down sides of cloud vs bare metal?
3. Which is easier to setup/update the master frequently?



  • hi, @Oliver123

    1. Well, the question is not well-formed. For cloud needs, we use softlayer machines with Xeon processors. and even with such power, we keep not more than 5K CCU
    2. Bare metal is more reliable. Especially in sense of resources sharing. you have them all.
    3. It should be basically the same.

    someone may share their experiences

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