Voice Settings Not Taking Effect

edited July 2018 in Photon Voice
I have Photon Voice working on a self-hosted server. I want to add the ability for the player to change the Voice Detection Threshold to control their sensitivity. On start, I set the settings to the previous user defined settings saved on a config file. However, setting the Voice Detection Threshold the following way does nothing:
PhotonVoiceSettings.Instance.VoiceDetectionThreshold = someValue;
The value changes in the Inspector to the appropriate value, but there is no difference in voice transmission. So I started digging deeper changing values at runtime. Here's a few things I tried that did nothing:
  • Setting the Voice Detection Threshold to the max integer value does nothing.
  • Toggling Voice Detection does nothing. I keep it on when testing Voice Detection Threshold.
  • Toggling Auto Connect and Auto Transmit after starting the game does nothing, but before testing the game it does (does not connect nor transmit voice as expected).
  • Setting Microphone Type at Photon.
Is there a function I need to call to have the settings take effect? Or is it only possible to set these before playing?


  • Hi @SpanglishFran,

    Thank you for choosing Photon and for your good questions.

    We released Photon Voice 1.16 today (might take some time before it appears on the store while it's being reviewed).
    In order to update settings at runtime call PhotonVoiceRecorder.UpdateAudioSource after changing settings.

    Let us know if this helps.