Please help, i need C++ Photon Engine Realtime Windows SDK version 3.4 (need support vs2008)

Hi all, i had searched many time but can't find any download of version 3 (or support vs2008) , so anyone have Photon Engine Windows SDK version 3.4. please share to me dropbox link download.
Thank you very much. I hope to see it soon.
Please help me.

email: [email protected]


  • Hi @lpp168,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    We don't provide downloads for old SDKs sorry.
    We recommend you update to new ones instead.
  • Besides that, redistribution of our SDKs is not allowed.
  • Hi @lpp168.

    There has never been a Photon Client SDK with a version number 3.4. This number has only been used for a Server SDK release. All client SDKs have jumped from 3.2.x.x directly to

    We have dropped support for VS2008 with, which has been released in April 2012, more than 6 years ago. from February 2012 was the last version that still supported VS2008.

    By now VS2008 is a full decade old and 5 major VS versions came out since then. Why would you want to still use such an old IDE when Microsoft provides the community editions of more recent VS versions free of charge?
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