Scoreboard Unity Photon

Hi.. I am doing Multiplayer Billiards Game. Now i have to do the scoreboard. But i dont know how to do it? The concept is of this game is, that we can play the game if we have coins. So i wish to show the 1st 15 rank of the user who have more coins. So how to get the all player name in photon and also how to get the individual coin value? Please help me to solve it


  • Hi @Digitalparkbahrain,

    PUN already has an included system for scores which is using the Custom Player Properties for synchronization. For example: you can set the score of the local client by using PhotonNetwork.player.SetScore(int value);. There are also functions for adding something to the score or getting the value. Since this system uses the Custom Player Properties, score values are automatically synchronized across all clients in the same room and can be furthermore accessed by each client as well.

    If you want to add different 'types' of score I would recommend you taking a look at the PunPlayerScores script and build something similar to this one.