TcpPeer vs TcpClient/TcpClientBase

I tried to look up the difference in TcpPeer and TcpClient but I am not seeing much info on it. TcpPeer says "Base class for Tcp client implementations." and TcpClient says "Provides methods to communicate with other photon server applications"

What is confusing though is it seems that TemporaryServerPeer creates a TcpPeer connection and not TcpClient? What ends up being used for what?


  • hi, @MostHated

    TcpClient, TcpClientBase were developed in earlier days to support client-like interface to connect to other photon socket server instances. Since then we've added s2s communication.

    TemporaryServerPeer should not be used by you. Even more, it is outdated. in order to communicate between two server instances you need to use Outbound- and Inbound- s2s peers. Outbound peers is used to establish a connection, inbound to accept it.

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