Join a room as lobby, start matchmaking without leaving the lobby room

I want to implement a feature in my game but I am not sure it is possible. If you can tell me where to start from or what would be the way that would be awesome.

I want players to join a room immediatly when launching the game and have their character, I want it as small lobby so not too many players are in the same room and not sending too much message, so it will be used as a "lobby" to do some stuff with NPC etc, but I want to be able to queue for a game mode and stay in this lobby until there is enough players to start the game, but currently in my matchmaking when we start looking for a game we join a room immediatly and when the room is full the game start (until now it was a basic main menu used only to queue for a game mode) so if I do this in the "Lobby Room" I will have to leave this room when I start looking for a game and me I want to find a way to wait until the "Game" room is full before leaving the lobby otherwise the whole lobby idea is useless. It was to be able to walk around and do some stuff while searching for a game.

How would I do it or is it even possible with Photon?

Thanks for your help


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