is there rejoin or reconnect in js-sdk?

when everyone is ready, main logic start, and set setIsOpen(false);
when some one offline, and i want him rejoin back. and call joinroom, but can't join because the game is closed.
if i can't set setisOpen(false), after the one offline, other player will join in. i don't want this...


  • Hi,
    You can try rejoin logic. If client was disconnected abruptly or with suspend() call, it can rejoin with the same actor nr even if room is closed.
  • Hi. Help me too.
    I am troubled by the same problem. I'm a beginner.

    I want to know how to rejoin room if the client is suddenly disconnected or disconnected due to a suspend call.
    Please show me if you have sample source.

    js-sdk+photon cloud.
  • sorry.
    I will post to Formaram as a new question.