Global event not raised

What could be the cause not being raised after it was received? I see the "recv event" debug log, but "Raising XYZ" is not shown in the log for one specific event.


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    Your script with the log OnEvent might not be present in the scene. If you cannot find the issue I would email us a project with the issue.
  • Unfortunately, the project is too big to share it.

    Are there any limitations of global events? We have about 100. I've recreated the event in question, but now the values sent by another event are wrong on the receiving client.
  • You can create a new project with just the issue you are having and send it to us. [email protected]
  • I'll try to setup a test project.

    Any answer to my other question? Are there any known event limitations? When duplicating the event in question and deleting the original one it seems another event gets affected by the same problem. We didn't run into any issues when we had fewer events defined.
  • We don’t have any similar issues open in the GitHub issues tracker
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    I just found the bug by coincidence, the issue was using WriteToken() with null, I'm not sure how this is handled by bolt internally, but it caused all the problems described above.
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