When PUN will works on Flash build ???

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  • From what I understand Flash multiplayer is TCP based vs. UDP.

    Photon is UDP and I don't believe you'll get the performance if you use Photon with the Flash web player. Local or desktop/app probably uses UDP so that may be a different story altogether.
  • No it will not work, System.NET is not supported on Unity Flash
  • Photon can use both TCP and UDP connections.

    1) Photon has flash sdk
    2) Unity Flash supports using flash networking functionality
    So I hope Unity Flash future is not that sad in terms of networking!
  • 3) passing whole objects through the brige is as funny, garbage generating and performant as doing it between javascript and unity in the webplayer if you were funny enough to request websocket support for webplayers ;)

    Flash is the last resort solution if users don't happen to have the webplayer installed, don't have chrome with NaCl and you still want to support this poor, limited beings ... but it will come a price, a pretty major one (and thats not going to change due to the fundamental limitations in flash - stage 3d itself), even mobiles are fast and feature rich compared to flash out of the pov of unity titles
  • gnoblin wrote:
    Photon can use both TCP and UDP connections.

    1) Photon has flash sdk
    2) Unity Flash supports using flash networking functionality
    So I hope Unity Flash future is not that sad in terms of networking!

    Good to know, but from what I understand, Flash does not use UDP connections. So while Photon does have UDP, I don't believe it uses it for Flash (if I'm mistaken then this is good new indeed). So you are back to slow TCP and will need to write some kind of dead reckoning code to keep things in order. I would imagine, for turn based games this is acceptable.
  • Flash has no UDP socket support, TCP only, thats true.

    Also I still don't get why all want to use the most degenerated platform unity targets. Face it: yeah the preview version has limitations but the final version will have many major limitations too simply due to flash and thats not gonna change. Compare to flash even mobile platforms are lightning fast and full of features! (and unlike flash they will be of importance in the future ;))

    Flash targeting makes sense if you create games suited for it but that 'suited' ends out of my view when the delta from 'what the webplayer does' to 'what flash does' is in the order of two magnitudes cause already the performance delta in the range of a factor of 10 speaks against flash.

    The only real reason to touch it for me is a customer that enforces it and is willing to waste the higher monetary investment (or the significantly lower visual quality at the same performance) to go there instead of unity webplayers
  • If people want to build social "farmville" style games mostly in 2d then using flash build target makes lots of sense as flash player has much higher penetration on the market and big % of users refuse to install Unity webplayer.
  • Yeah but if you want to do 2D then you don't use unity cause unity builds no 2D, not even with flash.
    It builds to Stage 3D requiring an upgrade to Flash 11.1 to even start it and thats a major thing given that Stage 3D has no HW acceleration on Linux and very flacky acceleration on OSX (or in short, its now not-hw 3D and sucks as much as it did before outside of Windows just that it tries to shine even more in that poo)

    So its a new install no matter how you turn it and its a subperformant one (some users claim a 10 times lower performance so prepare for it, its not just some 'minimal thing' as when you go from web to mobile, its as when you go from web to iphone2g / htc desire) and to me its really only the 3rd level fallback if users refuse to install the unity plugin and if they are not using chrome which luckily is the most used browser by now.

    As an additional reason against it: its also the only of the 3 platforms that will come at an extra price (unknown at the time but would assume the same pricing scheme as for mobiles if not even more expensive) on top of its major limitations and the performance problems.
  • No matter what the performance penalty will be: We are working on a Unity-to-Flash compatible solution. When it will be ready is not clear at the moment. We still have to experiment with flash exporting and using JS or an external Flash lib.