Rejoin fail because player ttl isnt set on local server !

im using Photon-OnPremise-Server-SDK_v4-0-29-11263
and when i set player tll working on cloud servers but i get 0 ttl on local server..
how i fix that?


  • Hi @mrbug,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Can you describe the issue with more details?
    What is the client SDK you use? and what is its version? is it PUN?
    How do you set the PlayerTTL?
    How do you know the value of the PlayerTTL? do you guess it from the resulting behaviour?
  • Ty for responding;
    its simple, rejoin(room name) always works on cloud servers but not on local server and according to in photon docs : "
    /// Note: To be able to ReJoin any room, you need to use UserIDs!
    /// You also need to set RoomOptions.PlayerTtl.
    im sure i have userId and also set playerttl and roomttl and my room name is correct is 60000
    and PhotonNetwork.player.UserId is local guid that i was set it.
    but after rejoin i get "room is closed"
    im using unity3d last sdk
  • Hi @mrbug,

    If you are trying to update the PlayerTTL or EmptyRoomTTL after room creation then you should know that this is not available in Photon Server yet and only in Photon Cloud. It will be available in the next Photon Server SDK release but I have no ETA.
  • ok... its mean there is no way to rejoin a room for player on "Photon-OnPremise-Server-SDK" servers?
  • no, it means you cannot change PlayerTTL or EmptyRoomTTL after creating the room.
    You need to set those values properly to enable rejoin, i.e. PlayerTTL != 0.
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