SuperSmashArena [MOBA made with PUN , Playfab] [BETA]

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Hello everyone, I'm glad today to introduce you a student project i'm working on with my team Clockwise Studio at Creajeux, France.

Here is our recent trailer =>

About the game

SuperSmashArena is a multiplayer online battle arena made by a team of 10 people. The goal is simple, destroy the ennemy with a set of differents spells and ultimates. Spells must be collected with scrolls that appear at specific places on the map and ultimates are unlocked thanks to some crystals destructions. You have also the possibility to play with 2 defaults spells, the basic attack and the dash.

2 to 6 players (+ 3 spectators) can play an entire match.

3 modes are already available in our game :
-Death match
-Team death match

And in developement :
-Capture the flag

3 differents maps (with night version 2/3) are available (In game screen shot) :

Ra's Temple (Day version)

Ra's Temple (Night version)

Helios's Square (Day version)

Amaterasus's Garden (Day version, Night version next week)

Tha game will be available at the end of the month, I hope you like it.

Check our unity forum

Check us on Unity Connect

Full gameplay video coming next week !

Ps : Thank for this amazing Photon engine that help students/beginners/professionals to make amazing games like ours ;) .


  • Hi @Trenza,

    Thank you for choosing Photon and for this awesome game you're working on!

    I invite you to submit it to our showcase section on our main website.
    Fill the form at this link.
  • Thanks I forgot about this, we'll do it during this week.
  • Awesome.

    Can you tell us how we can do this

    We are trying to create a 8 ball pool game with Spectator and two actual player. Here Spectator is the admin who will send the invitation to the other two player by using their registered ID. Neither Spectator or two players are friends.

    Admin doesn't get to play but the other two players should be able to play.

    I have highlighted the three areas in bold above which we are researching on currently. If anyone has a answer please share as that will help u save time.

    Thanks in advance. :)
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