customEventAction Bug


I've noticed that after 40 minutes when joining a room I'm getting a customEventAction listener callback with an event code of 223. It's easily reproducible by opening a photon demo project like type support and let 2 instances of it run for exactly 40 minutes until you see customEventAction getting called with an event code of 223.

Using the latest version, I've successfully reproduced this multiple times now on the macOS and iOS SDK. I'm really not sure what's going on here? And if it's a bug in the SDK, is this only happening with event code 223 or are there more?



  • Hi @domp_.

    This is a known issue that we have already fixed in the latest development state of the code base. The fix will be part of the release.

    It is only happening with event code 223.

    Your code should simply ignore all event codes that it does not expect and treat all codes above 200 as reserved for internal use, anyway.
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