How to deploy demo scene for HoloLens


I've attempted to build and deploy the demo scene coming with the Photon Voice package from the Unity Asset Store. I want to deploy it on the Hololens. It builds successfully in the Unity Editor, but I have a ton of errors when building the solution in Visual Studio. Here's the current configuration of the project:

- Unity3D 2018.1.0f2
- Photon Voice 1.14.1
- .NET 4.x runtime version
- IL2CPP scripting backend
- Visual Studio 2017
- Capabilities: Microphone, InternetClient, InternetClientServer, PrivateNetworkClientServer
- Windows 10 pro

And here is the output given by VisualStudio when trying to build the solution :

Any idea if there's a way to fix this?

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  • JohnTube
    JohnTube mod
    edited May 2018
    Hi @A_Lamontagne,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Could you try ".NET" as "Scripting Backend"?
    Do you really need "IL2CPP"?

    We have customers who report deploying for HoloLens using latest Photon Voice version 1.14.1 out-of-the-box!

    Two tips shared by a good customer:

    the package manager doesn't delete old files so clear the package folders before you update them

    if you update your plugins you will have to delete the old build folder if you don't unity wont export the new plugins
  • A_Lamontagne
    edited May 2018

    The project I'm trying to build is a clean project, containing only the latest Photon Voice package, so I doubt the issue is the package manager.

    I have tried building with .NET and it works like a charm. However, I do need to use IL2CPP since .NET will soon be removed as a scripting backend for UWP and I'm working on a long-term project.

    What I really need to know is if Photon Voice is supposed to work with IL2CPP for UWP. If not, I'll just wait until the problem is fixed.

    Thanks for your help
  • Hi,

    I did as you suggested and it worked! I managed to implement a voice chat with the same settings mentioned in the original post and deployed it successfully.

    Thanks again for your help!