App from scratch - app does not appears in the photon controle

Hey, actually following the tutorial "app from scratch" of documentation for photon server.

As you can see, the application chatserver is missing,

The code is strictly the same of the tutorial, and no namespace.
Here the hierarchy and folders :smile:

PhotonServer.config is stricly the same as the tutorial.
ServerChat.dll is generated under visual studio as NET Core class library, in debug mode.

Any idea ?
Thanks !


  • it could be because PhotonControl does not see correct config.
    did you start it from correct folder?

  • I think yes, from the folder on the screen.

    There is a way to check this ? like log ? or do you need something ?

    Thanks !
  • hi, @Aherys

    please provide config it self.

    One more note. We do not support .NET Core. Use .Net Framwork to develop your application

  • AherysAherys
    edited May 2018
    Understood, so maybe it's .net Core who do the "bug" ?

    here the config :

    <ChatServer DisplayName="Chat Server"> <TCPListeners> <TCPListener IPAddress="" Port="4530" OverrideApplication="ChatServer" > </TCPListener> </TCPListeners> <!-- Defines the Photon Runtime Assembly to use. --> <Runtime Assembly="PhotonHostRuntime, Culture=neutral" Type="PhotonHostRuntime.PhotonDomainManager" UnhandledExceptionPolicy="Ignore"> </Runtime> <!-- other elements --> <Applications Default="ChatServer"> <Application Name="ChatServer" BaseDirectory="ChatServer" Assembly="ChatServer" Type="ChatServer"> </Application> <!-- any other applications --> </Applications> <!-- other elements --> </ChatServer>

    Here a screen copy to have the formated config file :

    Path of PhotonControle.exe AND Config :smile:
    D :\ROFI\TEST AREA\Network Test A\Photon\deploy\bin_Win64

    Path of ChatServer
    D :\ROFI\TEST AREA\Network Test A\Photon\deploy\ChatServer\bin
  • it looks like your config is wrong.

    please take a look into downloaded sdk to see correct structore of it. i see that tag is missing.

    about .net core. it is not why configuration is not shown. but photon socket server will not be able to load your application. i think. we did not test this.

  • Yes, the tag was missing, thanks for the help.

    Suggestion : may be could be a good idea to add this tag in the tutorial.
    Thanks a lot for the help !
  • I keep getting error that I can't find the file, can someone help? My chat server binaries are different from Aherys
  • hey, @pedrodia

    it is very difficult to help if you do not provide any logs, configs and even error message.

    please provide us more information

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