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I tried asking this in an email directly to Photon but they redirected me to the forums.
I've read a bunch of threads, web pages, subreddit posts, Photon forum posts but in the end I suppose I just need another confirmation on some questions I have (I know many of these have been answered in some way or form but still I hope someone can answer them regardless).

E-mail I sent:

I hope I could ask some questions as I'm desperately looking around to see which system to start learning. I'm a hobby developer at the moment and would like to get into expanding my future projects/games with networking/multiplayer. I use the Unity engine to develop but UNET has been an extreme hassle.

There's a few ideas I'm looking into choosing and i'd like your input in what is possible with Photon.

As I'm a complete noob at networking:

- As I'm using Unity, what product would be my best bet to go forward with? I've seen many different products and a lot of the features are the same across the different products.

- What's the difference between Photon PUN, Photon Realtime and Photon Quantum?

- What exactly is the difference between Photon Engine and GameSparks?

- Are they mostly used together (GameSparks for the back-end) and Photon to handle realtime multiplayer interactions like physics?

- Is there any difference between Photon realtime multiplayer and Gamesparks realtime multiplayer?

- Can Photon be used to completely handle all multiplayer aspects in a 4 vs 4 realtime multiplayer shooter? and/or can it be used in a co-op realtime adventure game?

My apologies for all the (noob) questions, with all the information and all the possibilities it's a bit hard to see through it all and find an ideal combination with Unity so I can just learn that completely and know I'll be able to handle anything my game needs.

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