Settings for as little latency as possible?

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I was wondering what parameters I could change in PhotonVoiceSettings in order to optimize for as little voice latency as possible.

Will using a lower sampling rate help?
What about Frame Duration?

I tried changing the Play Delay Ms to 0, but I noticed that the audio gets a little glitchy and cuts out a bit with this. Is there a way to compensate with the other parameters?

I'd like to preserve some audio quality (8kHz was a bit extreme).

Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Play Delay Ms adds exactly its value to overall latency. So keep it as low as possible while audio quality is acceptable. This delay is required to compensate incoming packets jitter.
    You can also save another 10 ms by changing Frame Duration from default 20 to 10 ms. Photon Voice will send smaller packets more frequently. Note that 5 ms and 2.5 ms values may not work though they are listed in Frame Duration enum.
  • Thanks! So is there any benefit from adjusting the Bitrate and Sampling Rate parameters?
  • In theory, Bitrate and Sampling Rate may affect single packet compression time and therefore delay. But I think the difference is too small to notice.
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