dll for unity application using photon server

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While looking on how to develop an app using unity running on on premises photon server..the documentation said that the dll of whatever app is being created has to included under applications in the photonserver.config file.

How do I generate or find a .dll file for a unity application?

For mac,its given to be mcs -r:/Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/Frameworks/Managed/UnityEngine.dll -target:library ClassesForDLL.cs .
What about windows?


  • hi, @its_me0978

    Not really sure what you are going to get, but if you need to laod some assebly to photon application, than i would say best way is a plugin. you just add reference to this dll and deploy plugin as required

    if you want modify server side code, then you need to download SDK, open LoadBalancing solution and reference to your dll

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