Bug Visual In PUN(Weapon Identical)

I am creating a TPS Shooting Game, and to Equip a Weapon The Player Presses (1,2,3), But If I Press A Button To Equip A Gun, The Weapon I Team Appears In All Players.

Example: If I am with an Ak-47, I see all my enemies with an Ak-47, and they look at me with the weapon they hold in their hands.


  • Hi @DbVIndie,

    there are two possible mistakes you could have made, so I'm asking you to check both of them.

    When you try to switch weapons on your character, please make sure that the Input handler is surrounded by a PhotonView.isMine condition in order to only allow input from the owner of the certain object. If you already have this, please also check, if changing weapons is synchronized in any way. If you have implemented this as well, you can also check on the remote client, if he receives those updates correctly for example by using Unity's Debug.Log function.
  • thanks! !! iam solved my problem

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