Can Photons plugins for Operations and what not be used for other things as well?

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Hello, I was wondering if Photons plugins for Operation RPCs the messaging and what not be used for other things as well, or do they only exclusively work with Photons server software? I saw a section in the docs about open source stuff and I know there is a SDK, but I am wondering if they would actually even work? Say I wanted to connect and run an application on my pcs and have them send messages to each other or other devises, would it work just so long as there is a connection, or does it have to be connected to a photon server?


  • hi, @MostHated

    to be honest i do not really get your question. Plugins may do many things. They may open Pipes, Sockets, send Http Requests and so on. Almost anything they may do. but if you need to communicate over PhotonSocketServery, you need to connect to it. if you would like to you another communication way, then you need to meet their requirements

  • Thanks for the reply @chvetsov , my apologies, I will try to clarify.

    Looking at the functionality of some of you guys plugins by typing something like :
    Class variabele;

    The different classes, variables, and (something) list that comes up for you guys plugins has some great functionality that I am wondering if its possible to utilize somehow without the project being a game? I am fairly new to plugins and whatnot in general, so I guess what I am asking is, if I have one of your plugins on a client application, and then have the plugin also on a server application, if the server application is not a game, but just a way for the client application to connect, can the functionality of the plugins still work or do the Exitgames plugins only work specifically for a photon game?

    Example is, if I add "using ExitGames.Client.Photon;" to an application, then put in "IPhotonSocket socket;" then somewhere else I do "socket.State;" can I use it if things are set up right on both ends? Basically, is it possible to use Photon plugins as a library in my own projects is what I am trying to figure out? I realize I might be asking my question incorrectly, or using the wrong examples but I hope you are getting what I am asking.
  • Hi, @MostHated
    well, our plugins are tight to game code, they will not work without games. i mean plugins get called by games and plugins call games methods.

    It is possible to create game and use it for something else. Plugin will not work on client side without proper modification, but you may use client lib to connect server, create game and use it for what you are needed. So, here there is nothing wrong.

    but it might be that it will be easier for you just copy&past some code. Because we will not support modified server code

  • @chvetsov Thank you for the reply, I do appreciate it. It sounds like it would end up being just as much work as it would be a pain in the neck. I will keep checking around for some other libraries I can use. Thanks!
  • I did have one last question in regards to the messaging system. I have been trying to find something to use similar to what you guys are using with operations and events. I have been trying to find the right terminology to use to actually search for it, such as "messaging system" or "event system" but they didn't really turn up something like you guys have that handles RPC stuff as far as I could tell, unless I just don't know enough about it yet to tell if it can or not.

    Do you guys use a custom implementation of a currently available system? I saw something called RabbitMQ that looked like it might be similar. Do you happen to know if I am headed in the right direction with my searching? Would the Op/event system you offer just be called a messaging or event system, and is RabbitMQ something that would be similar to it?

  • hi, @MostHated
    in general all systems that transfer data from one machine to another could be called - messaging system or event system, or something like that. But they are all different. we are for gamings. Well photon socket server could be used other cases too, but we spcialize on gaming. RabbitMQ is something different. i'm not familar with it. and can not say what the difference is.

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