Running Modified MmoDemo

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I went through the rotation tutorial and got it all setup and ready to run but the server libraries in ExitGames-Photon-MMO-Demo_v2-0-5 are libraries, there is not an executable.

So investigating looks like I need to copy my DLLs into the deply subdirectory in ExitGames-Photon-Server-SDK_v2-0-5? Correct?

Also, how do I debug this, I attach the debugger to PhotonControl process? I see the test app. but for running the game I can debug like that?

I didn't see it, but some where in the connect or enter world code PhotonControl knows to use the MmoDemo for the related clients?


  • Tobias
    Yes, every application for Photon is compiled into an assembly. These are placed in an application-folder under deploy, and must include a "bin" folder. For the MMO demo, this is: deploy\MmoDemo\bin.
    Photon loads those assemblies (dlls and dependencies) when it starts, depending on the setup in deploy/bin_Win32/PhotonSocketServer.xml.

    If you modify the MMO application (server side code), you should copy the compile output into deploy\MmoDemo\bin to run it. You can also modify the solution in VS (or any IDE) to build/copy directly into the deploy folder.

    We simply use the name of an application to connect the clients to it. The names are defined in PhotonSocketServer.xml and your client must use that name for Connect(serverAddress, appName). Photon will check the name on connect and forward this peer's requests accrodingly. Be careful: there is a default application setup, which is used in case your client tries to connect to an unknown application.

    You are right about the debugging so far. This is out of my scope and I hope Boris will find the time to guide you later on.
  • Boris
    To debug attach to the PhotonSocketServer.exe process.
  • ktweedy1
    Thanks, little bit to learn, but pretty cool, i need someting that gives me this level of control.