How to set up Photon on Azure VM (Server 2016)?

I'm having trouble just running the demo from Photon Control, it won't start (logs at the end of this post).

When I first installed photon I forgot to unblock the installation file but then I uninstalled photon control, restarted computer, unblocked the file and then installed again. But now improvements.
I've also tried with all three IP options.

Any ideas on what I can do about it?

See log file here:


  • hi, @WannabeZuckerberg

    according to logs your photon is up and running. so, everything should work, at least locally.

    I'm remembering that on azure it is not enough to attach public ip to server. you should update some policy to be able to connect. I did this once few years ago. so, can not say exactly what it was.

    Please contact azure support.

    you may use telnet to see whether your port are acceccible or not.

  • Alright, thank you very much, you got me a few steps closer to a solution :)
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