Persistent Players Across SceneLoad

I was using Photon's auto cleanup on SceneChange whenever I SceneLoad. However, the player prefab get's destroyed whenever I change scenes. I think because I spawn it and it has a photonView on it. Is it possible SceneLoad without having specific player objects get deleted?

Are there any sideeffects to autoCleanUpPlayerObjects to false in Photon and the rooms? I just want the objects to delete themselves based on Unity's DontDestroyOnLoad.

Does Photon have an AdditiveSceneLoad option? AdditiveScenLoading didn't appear to mix well with photonView IDs colliding.


  • are u using the static keyword when u declare ur gameobject in the gamemanager script. 'static' helps players remain constant throughout diff scenes
  • You can try marking the player object as DontDestroyOnLoad();. This way the object doesn't get destroyed when loading another scene.

    autoCleanUpPlayerObjects is important for clients who are leaving the room. By default a client's object get removed when he leaves the room. If you disable this option, the client's object will remain in the room unless it gets closed.
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