Photon 2.0.5 and Mmo Island Demo

edited August 2010 in Photon Server
i just downloaded the version 2.0.5 of photon server and island demo.
I start photon controler, then photon server. I start the WinGrid.exe and add few players that i relocate at the center of the map.

Then i start the unity island demo and start walking in the world. I can see the other players move without problem. I play a little with the mouse wheel to put the other players just outside my field of view then press F5 to launch the ball (that would have an interest area attached to it that allow me to see the others players that are outside my field of view if i understood well).

The problem is, each time i launch that ball, the photon server crash and i got a windows message "Photon server as stoped working". The WinGrid tell me that the clients are disconected, and they don't move anymore in my unity client.

The logs dosen't show me anything as the last line is still :
2656: 11:00:23.684 - Service is running...

I checked many times if i was starting the correct version, and both MmoDemo and photon server are on version 2.0.5.