A question about security.

Here is a question about security.
I`m using Photon.StartDust.Client as a pressure test. This is very convenient, however it also means that I can do pressure test from any machine. >:)
If anyone else knows my IP address, he can use Photon.StartDust.Client attack my server, don`t know if I am right.
Is there any way to avoid this please?


  • hi, @jin

    there is no real working way to avoid this. DDoS attacks are well known issue of network.
    in order to filter out wrong clients, you should use authentication

  • Thank you for your answer and I found the relevant documents by the keyword. It is very useful to me.


    I have another question. Our own web server can hide its own IP address through a firewall. However, I do not know How to hide the IP address of a photon server. It is appreciated if you could give me some guidance.
  • There is no way to hide your IP through a firewall. You can block incoming traffic, yes.
    If you communicate with "the internet", your IP will be known by the client. How would you otherwise communicate over the network?
    You can take measures to only allow a specific amount of requests per second from clients. Or put other limitations in place. But you would have to add that.
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