Why does player one disconnect but not player two when loading a new scene?

Hello. So I am experiencing a weird disconnect issue. We have multiple levels in the game we are making and because of this, how we have it set up is that each level has it's own character select screen. Anyway, the logic flow is supposed to go lobby -> level select -> character select. While level one has no disconnect issues, when level two character select is loaded, after about three to five seconds, player one just suddenly disconnects. Nowhere in the scripts are there instructions for it to disconnect (unless there is a script I am unaware of, which is possible because I'm not the one that originally designed the connection process for the rooms, he no longer works with us and he didn't comment his code so hard to follow how things were coded) and we aren't sending any messages because it is waiting for input. However, we can't put any input in when player one disconnects since they are the host. I was wondering if there were any suggestions as to why this disconnect occurs. I cannot find anything about this online through searching so I am asking here. Thanks.


  • Anyone? Nothing? I guess this isn't a common problem(since I can't find anything online about it either) and no one has a suggestion what it might be?
  • Make sure you're using PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel(levelName) additionally if you are setting Room.IsVisible=false just before changing scene, don't do it.

    What is the disconnection cause?
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