Amount of data sending per frame or tick

For example I need to send 1500 coordinates of units plus damages and other info(small amounts of parameters) per tick (10 times per second or faster if Photon can) it is real figures for Photon server or I need to find other ideas?


  • Hi, @Geotyper

    you should think differently. in our public cloud GameServers send upto 70 Mb/s. so, you are going to send around 100 kB/s. this is not a problem for photon. but lets take a look on your game. let say it is one to one. then other player will get same 100 kB/s. right? and it also should send his data. but let say you have 4 players in game, then every player will get at least 300 kB/s and so on.

    so for land connection this is not an issue at all, but for mobile connections it might be an issue.
    if you are writing RTS, it could be good for you to try Quantum

  • Ilya, thanks for prompt and detailed answer.
    Prototype of the RTS game is build on Photon Server with scripts running on server side. So some small questions:
    1. Quantum support server logic?
    2. I run server and clients on one machine, it easy to develop, or when using Parallel functions on client and server it better to run them on separate computers?
    3. PerPeerTransmitRateLimitKBSec="256" if make it 512 , is it make data transfer faster on local network?
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    Hi, @Geotyper
    1. i do not think so
    2. well, i'm not sure what is Parallel functions, but development on same computer is ok, but you should test differet cases
    3. this parameter allows bigger throughput through peer. here is description from documentation:

    The maximum amount of data (reliable AND unreliable) that can be sent in a second (in KB). This can be used to limit the amount of data that a peer can send. When the limit is reached further reliable data is queued and unreliable data is dropped.

    so, if you need to send more increase this parameter

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    Hi @Geotyper,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I just wanted to mention the following:
    We have some hint about RTS and units in Photon docs:
    Send only relevant values and derive as much as you can from them. Try to think about what you send and how often.
    • In an RTS, you could send "orders" for a bunch of units when they happen. This is much leaner than sending position, rotation and velocity for each unit ten times a second! Good read: 1500 archers.


  • Thanks JonhTube, the article is useful .
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