Private Messages in different scenes

I have a Unity project with multiple scenes. In the first scene there are two users who send each other messages. Then I disconnect and load the next scene, create another instance of ChatClient and connect with the same usernames, both get connected (FrontEndAddress is not null) but my private messages are not received at neither of the two users. Is this a bug?
This is only happening after the update yesterday.


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    Hi @squeezyPig,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    This is only happening after the update yesterday
    What update? Your client update? If so then you changed something that lead to this. Did you change AppVersion? If so, then this is expected, clients connected to different AppVersion won't be able to see each other by design.
  • @JohnTube version 1.89 was released yesterday?!
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    OK thank you for the vote down.
    @jeanfabre did you change anything in PUN 1.89 related to Photon Chat?
  • @JohnTube I voted you down because it seemed that you weren't informed about Photon even though you are a moderator. I fixed the issue by rewriting my c# script, but I did not find the issue. Nevertheless thank you for your help.