PhotonTransformView and PhotonRigidbodyView for Vehicles - Smooth movement

I am trying to use the PhotonTransformView and PhotonRigidbodyView for a Tank, the problem is, as soon as i use both, the movement isnt smooth at all. When i only use the TransformView or the RigidbodyView the movement is smooth, but of course the position will be wrong on the "receiver-side". The tank is using 16 WheelColliders for movement. I never had that problem with these Components, I assume I missed something?!?


I would appreciate any help
(Please excuse my bad english)


  • Change the "teleport if distance" to 0.1, and the lerp speed to 1, this will soften even more. Soon after Use A method "Lag Compensation" there are several methods, search the internet and you will see, choose 1 and do a test, anything let me know here

    Use Transform View
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