Having a Unity independent client library that a unity game utilizes

Hello there!

In my current project I have both a unity client as well as a headless command line client.

Now I would like the ability to separate my client code from unity all together and think of unity as just the "view".

The problem is that unity does not support PhotonDotNet (it references libraries that are prohibited on various platforms), but I don't really want to force my client code to depend on PhotonUnity3D.net.

This is probably a little pedantic of me, but I'm wondering if you know of anyway I could achieve this?

Have my client library depends on PhotonDotNet but then have the same library use PhotonUnity3D in my unity project.

Or should I suck it up and just use PhotonUnity3D in my command line client :)


  • Hi @v1r7u3,

    It's just a matter of configuring dependencies per project.
    Unity can only use Photon3unity3D.dll.
    The other project better use Photon3DotNet.dll.
  • Yea I see what you mean, I just would have liked to have a single Client project separate from unity, that uses PhotonDotNet. I've figured out a workaround, I have two client projects with different references and just share code between the two.