Photon v2.0.5 and MMO Demo v2.0.5 released

Tobias admin
edited August 2010 in Announcements
We just uploaded new versions for Photon and the MMO Demo.
News for this: ... ash-client

Some (if not all) of the changes have been proposed here in the forum by you. I think it's a good sign that we get into these discussions as we value your feedback. So in one word: thanks :)


  • Tobias
    Make sure to use the new server SDK, if you want to check out the MMO demo!
    Otherwise, the player might end up below your terrain: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=115
  • Boris
    Setting InterestArea.Coordinate causes a stack overflow.
    I attached a quick fix: just replace the dll in your mmo demo server.
  • Tobias
    We just uploaded a fix for "InterestArea.Coordinate causes a stack overflow": and work as expected. You can use F5 (and 'e') to shoot interest areas through the Island Demo again.
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