Basic Tutorial 4- Game Manager & Levels

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Hi there! I've just started using Photon, so pretty new with it all. Iv just done the first 4 tutorials in the basic section which is where you make several rooms and players can join them. So I believe i have followed all of these tutorials correctly but after finishing this tutorial I published my project to the desktop and started running it there and then used the Unty Editor to play the game as well. When I create a room in either instance the other editor or build is un-able to join the room, they just create a new room...? Im wondering if I have missed something here or simply need to carry on with the tutorial?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Just discovered that an error is coming up saying that room 2 hasn't been added to the build files(even though it has) which makes me suggest that there is an issue where I call the scenes depending on the players but can't see a difference between the tutorial and mine.



  • You may check the example sources from Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Demos/PunBasics-Tutorial. Hope this helps.