Multiple levels/scenes

Hi, im pretty novice with Unity and Photon.

Ive been through alot of the example code, and got a test game working.

But im curious about how to add multiple levels/scenes that the host can pick when creating the room and in turn lets the client connect to the level.

All of the examples/demo's do not go over this, and i dont know where to start.

I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance


  • dreamora
    thats totally up to your code to handle this as photon has no knowledge and interest in it nor does unity offer one out of the box as unity is a general purpose system not a FPS only engine (and fps are the only types of games where its relevant)

    its a matter of granting the master client a way to decide what levels he has and offering RPCs that allow the first player or the master client to choose one of these levels (map cycle / map choice system)

    best look at Unity resources for the purpose cause that is where you will be 90%++ of the time of implementing such a thing
  • Tobias
    Create a RPC to change the level. The first player sets a level, sends the RPC and the others will load the fitting level.
    Anything else is Unity related and your should follow Dreamora's hints to learn more about it.