Publishing Photon Server SDK Binary in Open Source project


I am currently of creating an custom server application based on photon for a MMO that will be open source. I need to publish the code and set up the continuous integration, even while the project has not progressed very far. This is required to give my team status updates and a chance to join into the development.

Now to build the specific project, references to the Photon Server SDK are required. More specificly the following libraries are required to build:
  • ExitGamesLibs.dll
  • Photon.SocketServer.dll
  • PhotonHostRuntimeInterfaces.dll
The most straight forward way would be to put those files directly in the git repository along with a reference to the licensing terms. This way the CI server could easily handle them. I looked over the license agreement and did not notice anything that does not allow that. How ever I am not overly confident when it comes to reading the details of those licensing agreements, so I thought I better ask before running head on into a license violation.

So I'd like a confirmation if I am correct or if not, how my specific case could be handled.

For completeness sake: I plan to publish the source on GitHub and utilise Appveyor to CI server.

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  • Hi Nitram,

    sorry, that is not allowed - please check terms 3.2. (b) .

    You would need to point the users to our site and ask them to download the SDK.
  • Hello Markus,

    thank you for your answer. You are right. It states that.
    Would it be possible to use a "secure file"? Using this the binaries would still be in the repository. But they would be encrypted and not accessible by anyone. It would be only present in a unsecured form while the build is running. Anyone who wants to build the project himself would have to download the SDK from your page.

    Sorry for probing like this ;-) , but I'd really like to get the automated builds and test runs for the project.

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