PUN Sky Arena Updates?

Are there any plans to update the SKY Arena tutorial to work with a more modern version of Unity?
I just bought it, and now rather miffed it doesn't work with U2017, or by the looks of things nothing after 5.5?

If not ported to the latest, then a guide/advice on how to do it myself?



  • Hi @Phinks,

    sorry for the inconvenience. You are right, the PUN version in this packages is relatively old, so it's not working with the latest Unity versions (2017 and 2018 beta). With Unity 5.6 it is still working.

    You can make this work in Unity 2017, too, by simply updating the PUN components. Therefore you can for example create a fresh project where you import an up to date PUN version from the Asset Store. Afterwards you can copy all the content from the new project into the Sky Arena project. I sadly can't test this with Unity 2017, but I'm pretty sure that this will work as it does with Unity 2018 beta after applying minor version specific fixes. You can also try to import the PUN package from the Asset Store directly into the Sky Arena project. I think this will work, too.

    I'm currently not sure, if we plan to do any updates on the Sky Arena package. Sorry.