SyncedDestroy on object without TSRigidBody/TSCollider

I decided against using TSRigidBody/TSCollider in my RTS game because i realized that it is insanely inefficient and the game starts to chug when running 50+ units.

(see this thread:

I decided to keep using it just for the deterministic aspect of it and just write my own physics using fixed point variables to keep it deterministic.

However, I found that calling "SyncedDestroy" on a gameobject wont actually destroy the object if it does not have TSRigidbody/TSCollider attached to it, is it safe to just call the normal Unity destroy on the object after calling SyncedDestroy?


  • espii
    If not, then would it be okay to just put the objects in a state where it wouldn't be able to affect the game in any way before calling Unity's destroy on it?