Heavy Audio Feedback using PUN Voice

Testing both my app and the PUN Voice Demo there is heavy feedback when I build the scene and run it on both phone and unity editor as well as two phones. Am I build testing wrong? Or is something wonky going on with Unity and PUN Voice? Any help is appreciated, been stuck on this for a while.


  • Hi @Mr_Brain,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What do you mean by "heavy feedback"?
    Do you mean "echo"? If so then it could be expected if you speak to the two different clients from the same place and Photon Voice does not have echo cancellation yet.
  • Mr_BrainMr_Brain
    edited January 2018
    Hi @JohnTube ,

    Thanks for answering, yes I mean echo. It is present even when I am outside my house with one testing device, or even on a different data network.

    Thank you for the info about echo cancellation not being on Photon Voice, is that in the works? Without meaning to be rude is Photon Voice then only useful if microphones are disabled or headphones are used?

  • Hi @Mr_Brain,

    We have added native plugins for the 4 major platforms: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.
    You can switch to native/direct access to each platform's audio input device and try if it helps reducing or removing noise and echo better than Unity's Microphone API.
    To do so, update to latest version and set "Microphone Type" to "Photon" from PhotonVoiceRecorder.
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